Pello's strategy shines in video

December, 2021

Richmond BC based Pello makes an innovative sensor that is installed onto waste and recycling bins. Packed with multiple ultrasonic, ultraviolet and infrared cameras, it can detect bin fullness, pickup frequency, along with contamination situations when items are in the bin that shouldn't be. However, Pello is much more than just the sensor itself. They offer a complete suite of tools within a software platform that communicates with the sensors around the world and is summarized for you in their state-of-the-art dashboard.

With much of the world not understanding that technology like this exists, along with its complexity, it was imperative that we create a video that reflects their fun brand personality while making Pello simple and easy to understand, all within 3 minutes. Success!

When we began working with Pello, the first step was to develop a clear brand and communication strategy. This 50 page document evaluated the current market, their competition, the challenges they'll be facing, then presented solutions to solve them including defining their target sectors and audiences, brand personality, tone of voice, visual style, along with key messaging statements. Pello Communication Strategy

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