The kind of people you want on your team.

We set high expectations to stay ahead of the curve, pushing boundaries to create well-planned, thoughtful, beautiful work that achieves measurable results for businesses looking to grow.

We're a full-service agency of good, talented people that work closely with our clients.

  • "The compliments have been flying in, the website is simply beautiful. It's such a huge accomplishment. It's an absolute pleasure working with you all." Joe Kelly
    Techtop Canada Inc.
  • "The fact that we have been with ODG for 20 years says something right there. We trust ODG." Colin Cameron
    Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware Inc
  • "We have a long history with ODG, and the results speak for themselves. We've never even considered working with another design firm, because we've been so pleased with ODG's work, and value the relationship we've developed." Jocelyn Wong
    Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives
  • "I want to say thanks for what an exceptional and responsive company you have been to work with. We're really excited about what has been built!" Eden Erasmus
    RGF Integrated Wealth Management
  • "I'm so delighted with how our website has turned out. It's really beautiful and I'm so excited. Thank you so much for your efforts and going above and beyond." April Van Ert
  • "Working with ODG is something I look forward to, not just for the consistent, top-quality services they deliver but also for the passionate attention to detail that is provided at every step along the way." Sean Lawson
    Steveston Real Estate
  • "We have worked with ODG for 10+ years and we have no intention of going anywhere else." Andrew Pysh
    Nationwide Self Storage
  • "ODG was able to take my rough ideas and create something beautiful. It's at a higher level than I ever could have expected." Will Fosdick
    S&R Denim
  • "You guys have done an incredible job, we couldn't be happier. Thank you from all of us." Rob Rose
    Tile Town
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Our Team
We're not a big downtown agency with hundreds of staff. We're a small, tight-knit group, and that's just the way we like it.
CHRIS HAYWARD Principal & Director of Technology
WILLIAM DENNILL Principal & Creative Director
DAVID WILLIAMS Director of Strategy & Design
ROB KAISER Senior Developer
DALE KILIAN Senior Designer
Diana Ungureanu Junior Developer
Ryan Collicutt Junior Developer
MARK WYATT Videographer
MICHELLE KAR Office Manager


We couldn't find the perfect office, so we designed one ourselves.

In 2009 we found a new building in Richmond, an empty shell where we could develop our own architecture plans, design our own features, obtain city permits and manage construction.

We're thrilled with the end result - a professional environment for our clients and team to enjoy.

Some things we've learned over the years.


23+ years

ODG began with Chris and Will, teaming up in their early 20's, with talents in separate yet complimentary fields, simply described as web and print.

Together, they focused on constant improvement and client happiness. Through one successful project after another, while adding the right people to the team along the way, they were able to grow their client base and expand the business.

Today, ODG has grown to be one of the top firms in BC.

  • 01 The majority of our clients come from referrals.

    Client referrals are how we've built our business. They require credibility, accountability, and a high comfort level. To us, a trusted referral influences people more than the best advertisement.

  • 02 Constantly strive to do things in better ways.

    The way we approach a project now is considerably different (and better) than the early days. Staying on top of new methodologies and online tools only makes us better at executing our work.

  • 03 Set high expectations to deliver on projects.

    We need our clients' projects to be the ones talked about in their competitors' boardrooms. When planning projects, such as the build-a-bed for Murphy Beds, our expectations are to be the best in the world.

  • 04 Every client is different. Be nimble.

    Developing internal processes is great, but clients are people, and people have personalities. Forcing 'your way' on a client isn't always best.

  • 05 Don't outsource. Keep it in-house.

    Involving third parties introduces nightmare timeline and quality scenarios. The work you see on our site is done here.

  • 06 Never stop learning.

    To be known as a leading company means you must be on top of latest trends and technologies. When something new comes out and it's right for our clients, we need to learn it.

We love designing physical spaces.

From low-rise to high-rise, single family to multi-family, downtown to out-of-town, we have sold out dozens of top-quality real estate projects while picking up awards along the way.

Our physical work also extends into office design, trade show exhibits and retail spaces.


  • Ovation Award


  • Ovation Award


  • Ovation Award


  • Georgie Award


Culture was on the TV show Dragons' Den. We ensured their site handled peak traffic via AWS auto scaling, load balancers and CDN content caching.

We know the major platforms, on the fastest, most reliable servers.

We don't push a single e-commerce platform, programming language or CMS system. Instead, we strive to be experts in many of them, providing our clients with thorough pros and cons for each so they can make an informed decision when evaluating cost and functionality.

Our sites run on the fastest, most advanced servers on AWS and Azure, with the highest expectations in performance, speed, security and backup procedures.

Our Location
Our People
David Williams Director of Strategy & Design Creative problem solving and clear communication

For all the various roles David plays on a daily basis, they generally fall into two categories: problem solving and communication. In a professional career that has spanned nearly two decades, David has helped companies of all sizes articulate their unique message, boost sales, and make stronger connections through precise and persuasive communication.

Our People
Chris Hayward Principal & Director of Technology Building a business based on results and relationships

With over 20 years experience in digital strategy, design and production, Chris uses his expertise to help our clients solve their digital marketing challenges. While growing ODG, he found his passion in seeing the success of others, shaping his career around leading award winning, results-driven projects while developing client relationships spanning decades.

Our People
Kelly Elliott Lead Developer Creating the foundation for your future success

With a background in design, a career built in web development, and a talent for planning, organization and resource management, Kelly has been the development lead on hundreds of medium to large scale web, app, e-commerce, and digital strategy projects. She has the breadth of knowledge and experience to oversee your project and ensure it meets your timeline expectations and budget constraints.

Our People
William Dennill Principal & Creative Director Results over egos. Method over madness.

This philosophy has been an integral part of a successful career that has lasted over two decades. In that time, William and his team have launched many award-winning regional and national campaigns, each a result of his commitment to create strategic, compelling communications using smart, results-oriented marketing and design.

Our People
Rob Kaiser Senior Developer Helping us make cool things that do cool things

As a Senior Developer with over 19 years in the industry, Rob works on complex projects at ODG, including leading our React JS based programming applications, Android apps and .NET back-ends. Outside of the office, you can often find Rob in the sky, as he's a licensed pilot who enjoys frequent flights around the Lower Mainland.

Our People
Dale Kilian Senior Designer Visual communication artist

Over the last 25 years, Dale’s design career has wound its way through publications, branding, merchandise, packaging, illustration, UI/UX, signage and even stamp design. Having experienced the digital revolution firsthand, he embraces the constant learning that comes with the pace of technological innovation, and leverages it to do what he has always done: craft clear, relevant and compelling communication.

Our People
Diana Ungureanu Junior Developer A talented developer constantly expanding her skillset

After a decade of experience in quality control in Europe, Diana took a leap of fate and moved to Canada. Shifted her career to 180 degrees and after she graduated from the BCIT Front End Web Development program she joined ODG in 2021 as a Junior Developer. Since then, she continues learning every day, pursuing her dream of becoming a full-stack web developer.

Our People
Ryan Collicutt Junior Developer Building the technical architecture to support your vision

Ryan joined ODG after graduating from the Full Stack Web Development program at BCIT. Recently he developed an interest in .NET applications and CMS website development. With his ability to learn quickly, being adaptable and up to date with current-day technologies, Ryan looks forward to growing with ODG.

Our People
Michelle Kar Office Manager A perfect fit for a unique job position

An office manager at a small agency like ours means you wear many hats, which means Michelle plays an important role in helping to keep our ship sailing smoothly. She’s a young mom working flexible schedules, bringing all of her abilities in administration, accounting and office management to ODG.

Our People
Mark Wyatt Videographer Taking our visual storytelling capabilities to new levels through video

After completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in 2006, Mark began a career in video after being mesmerized by what modern camera technologies could do. Mark is an expert in his field as he brings his world-class equipment, cinematography and editing talents to every project.

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