The little motor company that could.

Up against stiff competition from larger, more established brands, Techtop Canada used a strong brand, clear message, and unifying strategy to show their personality within a commoditized marketplace to better connect with their customers.
  • 2500+ Products connected to their internal ERP system
  • $1,000,000+ Orders in first year post site launch. $0 previously.
  • 4:39 Average website session length
  • #2 Organic search ranking for "electric motors Canada"

Techtop Canada is the Canadian arm of a leading electric motor manufacturer and one of the largest exporters in China. A family-owned company since 1985, everyone at Techtop Canada understands that openness and unity are key to creating a dynamic and ethical work environment, where passion is greater than profit, and ethics trump ego. In short, they're our kind of people.

Techtop Canada originally approached us with one goal in mind: to build a new website. After learning everything we could about their company and their industry, we knew that, while a better online presence was important for their continued growth, it was only a small part of the solution. There was plenty of untapped potential waiting below the surface. They just needed a strategy to reveal it.

Techtop website on various devices

Website Highlights

Techtop motor

A website is only as strong as its content. We helped produce an extensive collection of highly detailed, pixel-perfect 3D renderings, using a fraction of the time and budget required for traditional photography.

  • ERP system integration

    Techtop's website imports all products from their own proprietary ERP system, ensuring data consistency between the two platforms.
  • Order system

    A custom order system was created for Techtop to have control of their sales process and followups.
  • Customer login

    Inventory and pricing is not available to the general public. Instead, a custom customer approval system and login dashboard was created.
  • Dynamic PDFs

    All PDF downloads seen in the products areas are dynamic, meaning the values in the PDFs are pulled from the database.
  • Dynamic charting

    All charts seen on product detail pages are loaded with values from the database. This prevents static charts from requiring annual updates.
  • Complex searching

    Techtop's product line is complicated, and their website needed to handle the search criteria that their customers expect.
What can you expect when you work with us?
Hear from the team at Techtop Canada. Together, we elevated their marketing strategy, design and technology to industry leader status.
Techtop's website sales have climbed into the millions.


Modern but familiar.
  • While some companies will benefit from a complete rebrand, others require the more nuanced approach of a brand refresh: where existing elements are updated and improved. Such was the case with Techtop.

  • As part of a global enterprise, Techtop Canada couldn't stray too far from the established corporate identity. Instead, we were asked to modernize their look and develop a strategy that would guide their growth.

Techtop Canada Logos

Brand Strategy

Every ODG Communication Strategy provides an in-depth look at the obstacles facing the brand and offers actionable solutions to overcome them. Every strategy is summarized by one key challenge.


  • "Made in China"
  • For many people across the globe, 'Made in China' suggests one thing: junk. Though quality control, working conditions, and manufacturing technology is quickly improving, this notion persists, prompting many companies to overplay their North American headquarters and heritage, and underplay their Chinese connections by stamping 'Made in PRC.'
  • A motor, is a motor is a motor.
  • Aside from a few additional features or slightly better ratings, it is conceded that most electric motors are generally equal: manufactured in the same places, with the same materials, to the same specifications.
  • A Baldor is a Baldor.
  • While most may agree with the logic of what is stated above—that most motors are generally equal—many still cannot shake an additional, somewhat paradoxical perspective that brand name still matters. Companies like Baldor, WEG, Regal and TECO-Westinghouse all benefit from a significant amount of brand equity earned through their legacy, their partners, and their affiliated market share.

With a product that's reasonably comparable to others, differentiators that are stronger in a supporting role rather than on their own, a strong focus on price that could do as much harm as good, and a brand that's relatively unknown in the industry, what can Techtop do to increase sales?


  • Be Memorable

    Stuck in the 80s: Examples of the common look in the industry — pictures of motors and walls of text.

    We can do better.

  • Old Techtop graphics
  • Everybody loves an underdog

    Techtop is the world's foremost producer of aluminum standard motors, and one of the largest low voltage motor exporters in China, but with low market share and low name recognition, Techtop certainly had their work cut out for them.

    It makes sense, then, to take advantage of their disadvantage and embrace their role as an underdog.

    Right: The first graphic we ever showed to Techtop with new photography and emphasis on the underdog role.

  • First graphic from ODG for Techtop

Take advantage of their disadvantage

Smaller can mean more agile, with quicker delivery and less corporate bureaucracy. Smart design and thoughtful features can make a difference.

Top performance for your bottom line motor graphic Goliath meets David motor graphic

You can't top a Techtop.

This new tag-line was a hit with Techtop and is now seen throughout their marketing.

New Techtop logo on a mug

Brand Design

After approval of the overall brand strategy, we proceeded into designing the core graphic elements of the brand, such as the main logo word-mark, icon sets, color standards and photography.


Brand Design


Our brand strategy outlined that photography should be bold and dramatic, with rich blacks and compelling lighting. We directed photo shoots at their office and warehouse environments to achieve the desired look.

Print Collateral

Some rush projects came up once the new look was approved.
  • Techtop had some existing projects being created before the brand work started, including a new brochure and catalog.

  • Once they saw the new look we created for them, they asked us to urgently assist to ensure the look of those items were on brand.

First Techtop brochure example Second Techtop brochure example


A complex system wrapped in a simple, effective interface.
  • Techtop's product lines are so complex and detailed that a simple keyword search would be useless. With customers searching for motors that meet very specific requirements, we had to develop a custom tool specifically crafted for filtering and sorting Techtop's data.

  • Once filtered, the data needed to be displayed in an organized and logical way without overwhelming the user. Detailed charts are graphs were a necessity, but with thousands of different SKUs, we decided to automate the process.

Dynamic PDF Technology Business Automation

Each product on the Techtop website links to a comprehensive Data Package—a single, dynamic document with product-specific details, charts and graphs. With over 2000 SKUs, it would take two people working 40 hours a week for over a year just to create these data packages, and that doesn't include updates and revisions.

By automating the process and pulling product details from the Techtop database, we saved over 5000 hours of labour and guaranteed that Techtop's online documents will always be accurate and up-to-date.


hours saved

(2500 SKUs @ 2 hours ea)


total cost savings

(5000 hours @ $20/hr)

Below: Data Package PDFs are fully automated, generated on-the-fly with database data.

Techtop performance graph displayed on website
Website Feature

Dynamic Charting

All product charts and graphs on the website were programmed to be completely dynamic, pulling their details directly from the Techtop database.

What was once a manual, tedious task is now an automatic function that has saved thousands of hours.

Techtop models displayed on website
Website Feature

Search Complexities

The Techtop website features a complex and customized search system that lets users narrow their results by horsepower, RPM, voltage, and more.

The results can be further refined through quick-access filters and re-query without reloading, making for a smooth and intuitive user experience.


Orders began flowing into the new Techtop website the day the website was launched. We continue to make new features and work on new projects for Techtop and look forward to furthering our relationship with them for years to come.


"The compliments have been flying in, the website is simply beautiful. It's such a huge accomplishment. Its been an absolute pleasure working with you all."

Joe Kelly, President
Techtop Canada Inc

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