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With a new name, identity and brand strategy, RGF Integrated Wealth Management (formerly known as Rogers Group Financial) requested our expertise in crafting a website that would set them apart from others in their industry.
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    advisor' in Vancouver
  • +154% Web sessions
  • +260% New users
  • +54% Search traffic
  • Finalist Financial services website
    of the year by Sitefinity
  • +900% Social traffic


RGF initially approached us to assist in the planning, design and development of their new website after recently completing a brand makeover.

We had our hands full, with a tight timeline and a deadline that couldn't move as it coincided with the launch of their new name and identity.

  • Website planning

    How can we effectively demonstrate what makes RGF special? This always begins with a detailed plan.
  • A new design theme

    This would be the first implementation of their new brand and was important to get the look and feel right.
  • CMS integration

    RGF needed a solid CMS system for content control by their marketing team.
  • Video

    A new video asset for use in marketing will be needed.
  • Corporate Templates

    The new brand would need to be carried throughout their suite of MS Office templates.
  • Generating awareness

    After launching the website, it was time to introduce RGF to their target audience.


In collaboration with RGF's marketing team, we created wireframes for every page of the new website, which allowed us to make crucial decisions early on before any design or programming took place. These decisions included determining how the articles, resources, and blog posts would be integrated into the site using a system called Advisor Insights. We also established the overall menu structure and defined key functions throughout the site.

Techtop models displayed on website

Wireframes may not be visually appealing since they lack colors, photography, proper fonts, and actual copy. However, they play a crucial role in aligning everyone on the site's organization and the purpose of each page. Neglecting wireframes often results in aimless designing and frequent changes later in the process.

As an example, together we agreed that the Advisor Insights area would feature image thumbnails and the headshot of the Advisor, to help show the people behind their company.

Below: Advisor Insights wireframe and eventual design concept.
Techtop models displayed on website


In terms of visual aesthetics, we diverged significantly from the traditional design approach adopted by banks and other financial institutions. Our strategy involved integrating eye-catching full-screen header images with intricate design elements and illustrations, as well as incorporating a full-screen menu. This created a visually striking appearance while still maintaining a professional feel of a respected financial firm.

Murphy Build a Bed Mobile Murphy Build a Bed Mobile

Murphy Build a Bed Mobile


Prior to the start of the development phase, we conducted extensive research to determine the content management systems that would be most suitable for implementing this website. Our objective was to provide RGF with an unparalleled level of control over the website's content, enabling them to manage everything from publishing news articles to editing basic page content, as well as more sophisticated custom databases, such as their advisory team.

For this project, we opted for Sitefinity as our CMS, primarily due to its exceptional level of customization capabilities. One such example of its customization is the advisor database, which can be seen below. This database houses all the necessary information pertaining to the advisors, including their photos and team members, which can be easily updated and maintained. The front-end of the website is designed with individual pages dedicated to each advisor, pulling the information directly from this database.


The We're Different video serves as an important asset in our marketing for RGF, as it's featured on their homepage and also in many of the social media ads we're running. The creation of this video was a team effort between RGF's marketing team, ODG and videographer Skillen & Co.

Together, we agreed on the video direction, ODG developed the script (below) which lead to ideas on how to best execute the vision, where Skillen & Co presented the idea of a couple entering the RGF offices many times over a multi-year span, each time discussing important life events, such as a wedding, building a new home, vacations and retirement.

Special Feature

We're Different Video

Throughout the video, the two actors are aged each time the visit, and the key moments in life were presented using visual effects in the glass reflections.

Play Video



First, we must build an audience.

With every social strategy, our first goal is build a pool of targeted people interested in our business that we can send future content to. As RGF is not an e-commerce company with a trendy product to sell, we must introduce RGF to potential customers by connecting with them emotionally. Here were our most successful awareness ads, many of which continue to run today.

  • Life Journey
  • Referral Journey
  • Chocolate & Grandchildren

Then, we send useful content to our audience.

When someone watches one of the many awareness ads we have created, or when someone visits, they're added to the audience pool, because they've expressed an interest. Here is where RGF maximizes their dollars by constantly staying top of mind to these potential customers by sharing blog posts, articles, industry news and other information that presents them as industry leaders.

Prior to having a social audience, posts would only be seen by organic followers, reaching around 100 people resulting in 2-3 clicks. Now, their popular articles reach close to 25,000 people and receive 5,000 clicks, all for under 8 cents per click.


We take great pleasure in collaborating with organizations that share our values, and RGF is a prime example. We've had the privilege of working closely with their team in many areas for the past five years, and each time it has been a fun, collaborative experience with good people. The success of their website has opened up many more opportunities for us and continues to be one of our most proud-of projects.


"They've made an effort to understand who we are. ODG has brought our brand to life. We trust them, consider them a partner and an extension of our business."

Eden Erasmus, COO
RGF Integrated Wealth Management

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