Turn your waste into wisdom.

By combining their innovative waste sensor with a robust software platform, Pello's technology allows companies to find new cost-savings opportunities that have not been possible until now. We developed a key brand video to help potential customers understand it quickly.


There are many directions to consider when producing a video. Most importantly, we must consider its purpose. For Pello, this video serves as their primary marketing asset to show how their complex waste sensor and software platform are a no-brainer for companies with expensive waste bills each month.

Here were the video's key objectives.

  • The problem

    Potential customers likely don't realize the full spectrum of the problems Pello's product can solve. We'll need to explain it in simple terms.
  • The sensor

    The sensor technology is installed direclty onto waste bins, has advanced cameras and is built right here in Canada. We must show it being installed and illustrate the features.
  • The platform

    The data from the sensor flows into the Pello platform, a web based dashboard. A quick overview is needed.
  • The team

    This is not a giant corporation but instead a small Canadian team. Show the people behind the product.
  • Have personality

    This is a fun company, with a brand personality that invites humor. We can avoid being a boring corporate video.


While originally planned to be a lower priority marketing piece, the video was proven successful and is now a feature in their marketing efforts.


"Great response from the wider world. When your competition is sending you compliments that says something!"

Colin Bell, Chief Innovation Officer

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